boringSQL site is created by me, Radim Marek, with a clear purpose: to showcase and educate about the immense power of SQL, PostgreSQL and related bits and pieces. Having utilitized it for decades, I have developed appreciation for the its simplicity, reliability and capabilities in application management. My passion for what many consider "boring" technologies is the foundation on which boringSQL is built.

The goal of boringSQL is to share this passion through helpful posts, develop targeted guides to deliver working solutions, and create hands-on educational resources, crafted to be as approachable and comprehensible as possible. Whether you are a beginner eager to learn the basics, an intermediate developer looking to solidify your skills, or an expert seeking advanced insights, there should be something here for you.

All of this is brought to you through my consultancy company, Clusterity, which supports and facilitates the growth of BoringSQL via both tailored and on-demand consulting services. These services are used as a guidance and solutions beyond the educational content of BoringSQL, directly catering to your specific project needs and ensuring that SQL and PostgreSQL are not just tools that you use, but tools that you master and leverage effectively in your professional endeavors.

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